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Aircraft and Airport Damage

A major airplane crash is likely to appear in international headlines when some or all of the passengers are seriously injured or killed. Survivors of the crash or families of the victims may seek to lodge a personal injury or wrongful death aviation claim in that event.

Although airplane damages and serious crashes are less prevalent in today’s world, aircraft property damage is still all too common after a natural disaster, windstorm, hail storm, hurricane, or fire.

Aircraft and Airport Property Damage Claims

An aircraft and airport property damage claim involves damages to the airport facility or aircraft. The owner’s commercial insurance company is paid to secure the insured when damages occur. Unfortunately, the insurer doesn’t always maintain responsibility for their part of the bargain.

When the insurer declines or delays payment of commercial airplane and airport commercial property damage claims, it may be appropriate to engage an aviation accident lawyer.

An airplane, hangar, helicopter, runway, or another facility can experience property damage as the result of crime, vandalism, fire, hurricane, tornado, or another incident. The owner’s insurer may attempt to argue that the property damage claim is worth less than you’re entitled to, delay payments of a valid claim, or deny the claim.

After an incident, an aircraft may show structural problems, dents, corrosion, scratches, holes, nicks, cracks, and more. These damages are likely to affect the aircraft’s value. When an aircraft sustains damages to its engines or airframe, this affects its air-worthiness.

What Are Common Airplane Damages?

After a natural disaster or civil event, airplane damages may include:

  • Hail damage
  • Hurricane damage
  • Water damage
  • Lightning damage
  • Tornado damage
  • Construction damage
  • Equipment malfunction
  • Collision with another aircraft
  • Fire damage
  • Windstorm damage
  • Flood damage

An aviation insurance policy is intended and designed for the operation of an aircraft and risks associated with it. Such a policy’s language will differ from other property and casualty insurance policies because an aviation policy incorporates unique terms, limits, and terminology specific to the industry.

Air Travel Facility Damage Claims

Not only aircraft is likely to sustain property damage in a severe weather event. A major storm or fire may affect the facilities housing the aircraft. Airports, hangars, fixed-based operators (FBOs), aircraft maintenance facilities, and others may experience damages in the aftermath of weather conditions. Facilities at an airport or air station maintain in-force property and casualty insurance policies to cover claims resulting from most types of damage.

However, the underwriter insurance company may seek to underpay, delay, or deny the policyholder’s P&C commercial claims. Damages of an airport facility, hangar, or FBO may prove extremely costly, both in terms of the funds needed to implement repairs and the business interruption resulting from operating downtime, damages, and necessary repairs. The aircraft facility or FBO may lose revenues from maintenance fees, fuel sales, aircraft rentals, part sales, or other business income streams when damage occurs.

When Should I Consult with an Experienced Commercial Aviation Accident Attorney?

If you’ve kept your part of the bargain with the insurance company—that is, you’ve paid premiums as agreed—and you’ve submitted a valid aviation facility or aircraft claim in the aftermath of a qualified event, it’s up to the insurance company to promptly investigate and pay the claim.

Your insurance company might not be in any hurry to settle your claim according to its own policy terms and conditions.

When an insurance company demonstrates bad behavior by delaying, denying, or attempting to settle the claim for less than it’s worth, you need an experienced, aggressive aviation accident attorney to fight for your rights.

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