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Hurricane/Storm Claims

As impossible as it may seem, some insurance companies deny valid claims submitted for hurricane and storm damages and losses. Hurricane and storm losses are often devastating: it’s frequently difficult to catalog and identify everything your business or organization lost in the aftermath of a catastrophic event. Unfortunately, it’s all too common to lose everything in the hurricane or storm’s destructive path.

We understand Texas commercial hurricane and storm loss claims. We can assist you in navigating the complex and sometimes frustrating claims process after you submit the commercial claim with your insurance carrier.

Let’s discuss where you are in the cycle of submitting a commercial hurricane or storm damage claim:

#1. The Hurricane or Storm Recently Caused Damage or Loss

If you’re still recovering from the devastation after a hurricane or storm in Houston or throughout Texas. Take the following steps as soon as possible

  • Immediately following a hurricane or storm loss, report the incident to your insurance company. They will probably respond that you don’t need to submit a report before preparing your loss claim.
  • Don’t clean up the damage-affected area. Take the time to carefully document the damages and losses with video and photographs. Use a smartphone or a camera to support valuable support for the claims process.
  • Document the exterior of your building or office structure, including exterior lighting, foundation, siding, stucco, HVAC units, windows, vents, solar equipment, gutters, outdoor buildings, pools, roofs, outdoor landscaping, and anything else that belongs to the business.
  • Take photographs of each room in the building, warehouse, or office.

Although you as the insured business should be able to rely on the commercial insurance carrier to protect you, some insurers assume a hostile approach to policyholders. They may deny or avoid paying rightful claims of their insured. Texas Insurance Code Chapter 541 details deceptive or unfair bad faith insurance practices. If the submitted claim isn’t paid quickly and in full, contact us right away. We will protect your rights.

#2. Assessing Hurricane and Storm Damage to Your Commercial Enterprise

Your commercial property may have water damage; roof lifting; roof damage; lost or damaged siding; broken windows or doors; projectile damage; moisture or mold damage; business car, truck, or other motor vehicle damage; lost business purpose or fleet vehicles; furnishings damage (furniture, art work, carpets, etc.); computer, printing, or mailing equipment damage; fire damage; sewer, septic, or plumbing damage; and more.

Take the necessary time to compare your losses and damages to a recent catalog or inventory. Our Houston commercial hurricane and storm claim attorneys can assist you in preparing and managing complex commercial insurance coverage disputes; bad faith claims; insurer underpayments; mold or water damage claims; hurricane insurance disputes; structural foundation claims; and more.

Hurricane and storm claims are frequently a serious headache for businesses in and around Houston, Galveston, Beaumont, Port Arthur and the Southeast Texas coast. It’s unfortunately true that insurers often reduce, delay or deny valid commercial insurance claim payments.

Recognize that your commercial insurer is in the business of collecting premium payments. They’re not a good neighbor when the time comes to paying your commercial claims. The commercial insurer may make every attempt to reduce the size of your commercial hurricane or storm damage claim, delay the payments of your claim, or outright deny payment to commercial clients with paid and in-force hurricane or storm damage policies. They’ll sometimes hope to convince your business wasn’t covered at all when it’s faced with paying out millions to other hurricane and storm damage victims.

#3. Previously Submitted and Unpaid Commercial Hurricane and Storm Damage Claims

If you’ve submitted a commercial hurricane or storm loss or damage claim and you haven’t received correspondence with the insurer, it’s time to take action.

Damage to your business after a hurricane or storm may prevent your business productivity and operators. It may be necessary for you to obtain funding for an alternative business, office, or warehouse space so that you can get back to business.

An experienced law firm can assist in identifying necessary funding for emerging costs, business equipment, or wages. Our commercial Texas Hurricane law firm will do everything possible to get the business up and running. We’ll seek the highest possible financial compensation in the shortest period of time.

Our firm holds insurance companies responsible for their policy terms and conditions. We’re thorough and aggressive. We want to help fellow Houstonians—and all Texans—to swiftly deal with the destruction caused by a hurricane or storm.

#4. Commercial Hurricane and Storm Policy Stipulations, Exclusions, and Loopholes

You’ve received correspondence from the commercial insurance carrier, but the news isn’t good.

The truth is that your insurer’s stipulations, exclusions, and loopholes can make it very challenging to successfully file a hurricane or storm damage or loss claim. The insurer might:

  • Inform you that the claim isn’t covered—without providing you with a valid reason for the decision
  • Ask for mountains of documentation over many months to support the claim
  • Either way, the clock is ticking. Time is money.
  • Don’t put up with commercial insurers acting in bad faith. We provide dependable, aggressive representation if your insurance company has:
  • Denied your commercial property damage or loss claim after a hurricane
  • Delayed in paying valid claims
  • Failed to promptly pay your valid claims
  • Failed to quickly assess and investigate your hurricane or storm damage claims
  • Sent biased, inexperienced, or “adjunct staff” commercial adjusters to handle your claims
  • Argued falsely, stating that you submitted pre-existing damage or losses rather than those resulting from the hurricane or storm
  • Accused you of submitting claims that don’t meet policy-specified code requirements
  • Presented low-ball settlement or assessment offers

Commercial Insurance Claims Experience Counts

After a catastrophic hurricane or storm in Southeast Texas, you need an experienced first-party insurance claims attorney. A hurricane claim is complicated. It requires intensive evaluation by estimators, engineers, and meteorologists. Some attorneys say they have deep experience in handling catastrophic claims, hurricane claims, and storm claims in Texas, but few do.

The Mindiola Law Firm has handled hurricane and storm claims for many years. We have coordinated and worked closely with insurance attorneys, judges, and others in managing significant commercial hurricane claims for years. Contact The Mindiola Law Firm now to discuss your case at .

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