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Tornado Claims

If you’re a business owner who’s assessing damages after tornado activity, you may feel overwhelmed. In addition to reacting to any possible hurricane and storm-related tragedy at a personal level, you must also ensure your business recovers from the damage. It may be challenging to shoulder operating the business and preparing or submitting claims in the aftermath of a major natural disaster.

Commercial Insurance Claims Are Complex

If you must file commercial claims after a tornado, it’s important to advise the insurer as soon as possible about your intention to do so.

Preparing and submitting a commercial claim is often complicated after a hurricane or tornado. Your business may have sustained any of a number of damages covered by a variety of business policies, including:

  • Damages to business-owned vehicles
  • Damages to property from flying debris
  • Electrical damages, from downed power lines, lightning, etc.
  • Damages from hail or high winds
  • Damages from post-storm floods or seepage
  • Damages to warehouses, other buildings owned by the business, or separately insured features of the business

Along with the physical damages that a business location may sustain, some businesses may submit business interruption claims for their business because of lost income resulting from tornado damages.

Can I File Multiple Tornado Claims?

Your business may need to file multiple tornado claims. An experienced first party policyholder lawyer can help you through each step of the business’ post-storm recovery process.

If you’re overwhelmed, or your commercial insurer is demonstrating bad faith behaviors, such as delaying or denying your claim or requiring excessive paperwork to document your claims, you need an experienced commercial tornado damage law firm to guide you.

Contact us if you’ve been subjected to any of these bad faith practices:

  • Denial of your property damage claim
  • Failure to properly and promptly pay your claim
  • Accusation that the damages submitted to the insurer are the result of poor maintenance or wear and tear
  • Failure to promptly and appropriately assess and investigate commercial tornado damage claims
  • Accusation or argument that your structure didn’t meet specific code requirements

Insurance laws are clear. The commercial issue must explain reasonable cause if it denies or delays payment of your business’ tornado claims if the damages are covered under the policy’s terms and conditions. This fact is true for any size commercial tornado claim—whether it’s small or large.

Extensive Network of Experts

Our tornado claims team will hire independent engineers, roofers, and contractors to contest low-ball estimates offered by the insurer’s adjusters. We will obtain an independent evaluation from our network of experts, including independent adjusters, contractors, and engineers with experience you need in managing a commercial tornado claim. We pursue a full, proper claim on behalf of your business.

Contingency Fee Basis

If your business’ commercial insurer denies, delays, or otherwise disputes a tornado damage claim, our experienced insurance litigators will fully evaluate the potential claim. We accept valid bad faith insurance litigation cases on a contingent fee basis—this means you pay nothing until we assist you in recovery from the commercial insurance company.

Reach out to our experienced tornado and storm damage claim team at the Mindiola Law Firm in Houston now. We will guide you through each and every legal detail of your tornado damage claims. We will analyze your commercial insurance policy or policies to ensure your tornado damage claim is covered under the policy. Call us at to schedule a free initial case review.

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