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Hail Damage Claims

Hail damage can devastate the operations of commercial properties and buildings, including apartment complexes, office buildings, churches, shopping malls, car dealerships, industrial facilities and others. The longer a commercial property and casualty insurance company delays, denies, or seeks to undervalue valid hail damage claims, the more damage may accrue to your commercial property and your client and customer relationships.

If you have made a hail damage claim to your commercial insurance company and you’re faced with insurance not paying, it may be time to consult with an experienced hail damage commercial property insurance lawyer. Your insurer may be acting in bad faith. That’s against the law.

Your Business’ Recovery from Hail Damage

When a commercial insurance company acts in bad faith by denying the actual costs of property repair or building replacement after a hail storm, an experienced hail damage claims attorney can assist you in taking action. You need insurance litigation professionals who know how to protect your rights. You need experienced hail damage claims attorneys who know the insurance business—and the games bad faith insurance companies play.

Although our insurance litigation attorneys have previously represented insurers in years past, we made a strategic decision to work only for businesses harmed by bad faith insurance companies. Many insurance companies provide a steady flow of projects and assignments to experience insurance litigation attorneys—because they don’t want the knowledgeable commercial claims attorney to work on behalf of its insured customers.

Today, our experience provides invaluable insight into how a commercial insurer may seek to protect its bottom line.

Call us now if you’ve experienced one or more of the following after submission of a commercial hail damage claim:

  • Denied property damage claims based on specific policy exclusions, including 1) manufacturing defects, 2) wear and tear, 3) poor maintenance, or 4) faulty construction.
  • Excessive depreciation is applied when calculating the commercial hail damage claim settlement
  • Incompetent or inexperienced insurance adjusters who fail to thoroughly assess the hailstorm damage claim
  • Incompetent claims investigation; use of biased or dishonest engineers, contractors, and other “experts” employed to devalue the insured’s hail damage claims.
  • Failure to promptly acknowledge or settle the full amount of the hail damage claim.
  • Accusations to the insured that the property didn’t meet specific code requirements.
  • Low-ball settlement offers and claims assessments.
  • Misapplication of certain co-insurance “penalties” (or completely unfounded excuses) to underpay, delay, or deny a valid commercial hail damage claim.
  • Denied property hail damage claims without a reasonable explanation.

The insurance industry is bound by heavy regulations in all U.S. states

However, the laws are clear:

The insurer must have a reasonable basis for delaying or denying a valid commercial hail damage claim. If the insurance policy contract covers specific weather-related damages, and your insurer simply denies your claim for no reason—or provides only a verbal explanation—your insurance company is breaking the law.

If your valid commercial hail damage claim or roof insurance claims were denied, delayed for unknown or unexplained reasons, or disputed by the insurer, our experienced hail damage claims lawyers will help your business to recover what’s owed.

We work only for you. For every attempt to deny, stall, or underpay your hail damage claim, we deliver an effective counter-punch.

Network of Independent Engineers, Roofers, and Contractors to Evaluate Your Hail Damage Claim

The insurance company employs a network of so-called experts to assess its insureds’ hail damage claims. When the insurer’s network of handpicked experts is dishonest, inexperienced, misinformed, or biased, we hire experts to provide independent evaluations on your behalf.

This step involves putting our capital on the line for you. Since we handle so many commercial hail damage or commercial roof damage insurance claims, we can’t accept insurance company adjuster estimates or estimates presented by their “experts.”

To level the playing field, we hire independent evaluators, including independent insurance adjusters, contractors, engineers, meteorologists, and others. In doing so, we determine the actual amount of hail damage you’re facing—and how much we must seek in compensation for your business.

Hail Damage Claims Consultation and Contingency Fee Basis

Don’t wait another minute to fight back. If a commercial insurer has disputed, delayed or denied your commercial hail damage claim, you need an experienced hail damage attorney to fight for you. Our team of insurance litigators has earned national recognition for supporting policyholders’ rights. We protect our clients’ valid claims against insurers that act in bad faith.

Please contact the insurance litigation team at Mindiola Law Firm today. We handle our clients’ bad faith insurance litigation on a contingent basis. This means you don’t pay our attorney fees unless we assist you in the recovery of your claim. Call (877) 420-4753 to discuss your potential case now.

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