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How a lawyer can help

If you’ve submitted first party insurance claims to your commercial insurance carrier—and you’re not getting the immediate response you expected—you may have questions about how a lawyer can help.

An experienced first party insurance claims lawyer can help you in a variety of important ways. He or she is an important resource. Since commercial first party insurance didn’t come cheap, make the decision to work with a lawyer who will assist your firm in the commercial claims process from start to finish.

#1. Protect Your Commercial Insurance Investment

In the past, you made a sound financial decision to protect your business and livelihood. Although the cost of buying one or several commercial insurance policies was considerable and you’ve paid premiums on time to maintain your insurance, it’s frustrating and confusing to have the insurer significantly delay, substantially underestimate, or outright deny your claim.

A commercial claims lawyer will help to push through obstacles placed in your path by the insurance carrier.

#2. Decipher the Complexities of Commercial Property Insurance

You already know that commercial property insurers prepare difficult to understand contracts and policy agreements. Perhaps you had an attorney review your contract before executing it.

If you’ve maintained the policy over several years and you now have questions about what the commercial property policy covers, it’s definitely wise to seek out experienced legal counsel immediately.

#3. Deliver Insurance Litigation Professionals to Your Team

Our professional insurance litigation team will take action against your commercial carrier if it has acted in bad faith by denying or delaying the cost related to repairing your commercial property damages and compensating you for losses.

If you’ve experienced any of the following behaviors from your commercial insurer after submitting a business claim, a knowledgeable lawyer can benefit you:

  • Failure to promptly pay out commercial claims
  • Denied commercial or property damage claims
  • Extensive reporting requirements required by the adjuster for your property damage incidents
  • Failure to properly assess and investigate commercial property claims
  • Accusations that your property doesn’t meet specific code requirements
  • Low-ball assessments or settlement proposals on your valid commercial claim

#4. Fight to Recover Your Commercial Claim Damages

Managing your commercial insurance claims and attempting to simultaneously get back to business as usual is an overwhelming combination. Our commercial property lawyers have helped many business owners facing similar situations. We’re fully equipped to handle any objections your business may encounter from the insurer, including:

  • When you have a partial loss: Your commercial property has sustained damage, but won’t require rebuilding from the foundation. It might be necessary to repair or replace floors, roofing, walls, or another part of the structure.
  • If you have a roof claim only: Your commercial roof might represent an extensive portion of the property. Some commercial insurers refuse to pay commercial claims on damaged roof systems.
  • When you have a total loss: If your office or building was totally destroyed, it’s important to rebuild as quickly as possible. You might require a temporary office or warehouse for the operation or need staffing.

A knowledgeable Texas commercial property damage claims lawyer will shoulder sometimes frustrating dealings with the insurer so you can get back to work.

#5. Provide Experience to Defeat Insurer Denial Tactics and Strategies

If you’re searching for a lawyer with deep experience in managing whatever curveball the commercial insurer throws, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve successfully managed property insurance disputes as well as other types of high stakes litigation over the years. We know how to assist you in obtaining a fair settlement from an uncooperative or even hostile commercial insurance company.

We’ve worked with auto dealers, restaurant owners, manufacturers, and others who’ve experienced severe property damages. Business interruption can cripple an otherwise healthy enterprise.

The Mindiola Law Firm in Houston has an extensive track record of success when insurance bad faith is involved. If a commercial insurance company chooses to delay or deny a claim, or misrepresent coverage, we have the experience you need in making things right.

In addition, our network of professional experts puts us in a class above other insurance litigators. When we manage commercial insurance claims for our clients, we don’t merely accept the insurance adjuster’s estimate. We go the extra mile by engaging a team of experts to conduct an independent, thorough, and accurate evaluation. This provides a comprehensive, detailed estimate concerning the loss to your business.

We will seek maximum claim compensation to assist in making you whole. Contact our commercial property lawyers at the Mindiola Law Firm: now.

If your home or business was damaged, there’s still time to file a claim. Contact us now at or reach us online.