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Collapsed Roof Claims

After a commercial roof is damaged in a major weather event such as a hurricane, windstorm, tornado, or windstorm, owners may be forced to deal with insurance not paying a valid claim. The insurer may do everything within its power to deny the business owner the benefit of its full paid coverage for a collapsed roof damage claim.

Some insurers will accept a roof damage claim in a certain situation but delay or deny the claim in other. It may refuse to fully cover the roof damage claim by pointing to a variety of minor policy provisions arguing that the roof damage may be repaired instead of replaced.

Your insurance company’s responses have made you angry. You’re frustrated. That’s why you need a bad faith insurance company to step in now.

What is “Bad Faith”?

When an insurance company asks for inordinate amounts of documentation in the collapsed roof damage claims process, or when it flatly denies a claim based on the roof’s age—claiming that the roof damage is one of wear and tear and not the result of a hurricane, windstorm, tornado, or fire—this may be an example of bad faith behavior.

When an insurance adjuster cites minor policy provisions and states that the commercial property owner is fully responsible for “general repair” or “maintenance” of the roof or roof system, this may be an example of bad faith behavior.

Even when the policy provisions don’t include any specifics on which to delay or deny the payment of roof claims, it’s unfortunately all too common for the insurance company to deny your roof damage claims based on the age of the roof or other small caveats of the policy.

Chances are if you believe the insurance company is demonstrating bad faith in regard to your valid commercial roof damage claim, your insurance company is taking advantage of your good faith. In this scenario, you need an experienced bad faith insurance claims attorney who knows how the commercial insurance system works.

Hire a Commercial Roof Claims Attorney

Our experienced legal team at Mindiola Law Firm recognizes all the tactics commercial insurers use. We work to hold these financial institutions responsible for their underwriting under state laws. When an insurance company denies your claims, we defeat the insurer with proven strategies.

We’re familiar with roof damage claims that involve a range of commercial building and roof types, such as:

  • Metal Roofs
  • EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) Roof Systems
  • Thermoplastic Roofing (TPO)
  • Built-Up Roofing
  • Modified Bitumen Roofs
  • Tile Roofing
  • Shingle Roofs

Fight Back with the Assistance of Knowledgeable First-Party Insurance Claims Attorneys and Experts

Even if your business accepted an insurance adjuster at his or her word, our knowledgeable attorneys and network of experts won’t. It’s time for you to fight back. The insurance company has access to internal and external attorneys and networks. You need first-party claims attorneys to hold the insurer accountable for its policy promises.

Our experts will investigate contractors, meteorologists, engineers, and roofing specialists’ opinions obtained by the commercial insurance company. We engage professional experts with the credentials and experience to fully evaluate your policy and roof damage claim to ensure that the insurance company pays the full compensation you deserve.

By obtaining a comprehensive estimate of your roof damages and full damages to your property, we will seek compensation to cover your losses. We will work to ensure that the insurance company takes your concerns seriously.

Contact Our Roof Damage and Collapsed Roof Claims Attorneys

A business owner whose structure received severe damage during a hurricane or other natural event shouldn’t need to overcome unnecessary obstacles and hurdles when seeking compensation for its valid claims from its insurance company.

Insured businesses who must file a commercial roof damage claim deserve what’s due and necessary under the terms of the insurance contract. It’s the legal and financial responsibility of the insurer to provide its insured business owner with whatever is required to bring the business back to its pre-loss state of health and condition.

Quite frequently, though, a commercial insurer may resist its policyholder’s claims. If you’re attempting to deal with an insurer who’s underpaid your claim, delayed payment of your claim, or denied claims, you deserve the full compensation owed under the terms of your insurance policy.

Call the roof damage claims attorneys at Mindiola Law Firm. We have the experience you need when a bad faith insurer disputes valid claims for your commercial roof damages. We will do everything possible to give your business the “leg up” necessary to obtain the compensation you deserve as soon as possible. To schedule an initial case evaluation, call our roof damage lawyers at .

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