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Your Rights/Insurance Companies

If you own a business, or if you’re responsible for the selection of financial management tools like commercial insurance for an employer, you may have questions about your rights as a policyholder.

Each year, more devastating natural disasters sweep the country and result in billions of dollars of damages and losses to businesses. Many of these commercial losses are covered by insurers. Sadly, the insurance companies in which businesses place their faith find new and creative ways to wrongfully underpay, delay or deny valid commercial claims.

Take action against insurers’ bad behavior by contacting an experienced commercial claims law firm.

Is Your Commercial Insurance Company a “Good Neighbor”?

Probably not.

If you’ve ever smiled or even teared up after watching an insurance company’s commercial, it’s important to realize that millions were spent to make you believe the insurance company is a good neighbor.

Insurance companies’ advertising campaigns appeal to our better angels. The campaign proclaims that Insurance Company A, B, or C is a “good neighbor” and a humane corporate citizen.

The reality of a commercial insurance company’s interests place their profitability, and possibility shareholder bottom line, to your business’ interests. When a catastrophic storm rips through your community and your business premises are damaged, paying your claim threatens the insurer’s wallet.

Many times, the insurance company responds to your claim by placing its employees, agents, and attorneys in direct opposition to you. The insurer needs to figure out how to encourage you to accept less than your claim deserves, drag out the claims process, or wrongfully deny the claim.

In many instances, the insurer tries several methods to get you to give up. It’s not your imagination—the insurance company wants you to just give up.

However, if you do accept less money, or if you accept the denial of your claim, the insurer wins. Unless you take steps to hold the insurance company accountable, your premium dollars were spent in vain.

Your Commercial Insurance Policy is a Contract with the Insurance Compan

In exchange for regular premium payments, the insurer agreed to pay for valid damages and losses to your business. If your commercial policy was in force when the storm, fire, windstorm, or hurricane hit, and your claim is valid, the insurance company owes you, the policyholder, prompt payment.

The lawyers at Mindiola Law Firm have experience in managing all types of commercial storm damage claims, from hurricane, tornado, wind, hail, etc. Our commercial insurance claims attorneys and their network of experts will analyze the policy contract language and determine your rights under state law.

We’ll quickly know if you’re being treated fairly. If you’re not, we’ll file a legal claim from start to finish at zero cost to you. If you instruct us to settle the claim with the insurance company for a sum that makes you whole, we are paid out of this recovery.

Our first-party insurance claims lawyers provide the resources you need to level the playing field. Your insurer, like all financial institutions, employs many skilled legal and financial experts. With our team of experts at your side—many of whom once worked for the insurance companies with whom we interact on your behalf—we can prevent the insurer from the wrongful denial of your policy benefits.

Because we’re specialists in commercial first-party insurance claims, we’re deeply familiar with the arsenal of insurers’ tricks.

We will hold the insurance company accountable, even if we must take your case to trial or fight an appeal.

When Commercial Insurance Companies Act in Bad Faith

Damage from a major storm may easily result in billions of dollars in commercial claims. Since the insurer wants to keep as much of its premium income as possible, it doesn’t necessarily want to pay its policyholders.

The insurance company may attempt to cheat you out of the benefits it promised in your contract. Bad faith is a type of bad conduct, such as:

  • Unreasonably delaying the prompt payment of your commercial claims
  • Blaming the cause of your loss on an event other than the actual cause
  • Wrongfully claim the loss isn’t covered under the policy contract
  • Fail to adequately investigate or assess your commercial claim
  • Create one or more reasons to delay or deny the claim
  • Drag out the process of investigating and settling your claim without a valid reason
  • Attempt to settle the claim for an inadequate amount that’s less than the full coverage amount
  • Intentional misinterpret the language in your policy
  • Failure to state why the claim was underpaid or declined
  • Wrongfully threaten to drop your commercial coverage (or deny the claim
  • Directing you against hiring a commercial claims lawyer

Consult with an Experienced First-Party Commercial Claims Lawyer

If your business has suffered losses or damages from a natural disaster, storm, hurricane, fire, windstorm, hail storm, and so on, and you’re faced with inappropriate bad behavior from your insurer, call the Texas first-party commercial claims lawyers.

We’ll offer you the benefit of our advice for free.

We will analyze your case and all applicable laws to put our experience to work for you. The Mindiola Law Firm is an insurance litigation specialist boutique. We’re committed to making insurance companies do the right thing, each and every time. Call us to schedule a case evaluation at .

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