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Gas Stations and Convenience Stores

Businesses throughout Southeast Texas are all too familiar with severe weather. It’s important for business owners to maintain in-force commercial property insurance for their convenience stores or gas stations. A smart business owner spends a significant amount of premium dollars to ensure sufficient insurance coverage to protect the business.

Even though the cost to buy insurance is considerable—because, in most cases, the owner doesn’t need to make a claim against the insurance—the financially prudent business person wants to protect the valuable investment of his or her assets in the event of a hurricane, fire, hail storm, windstorm, tornado, or other natural disaster.

Texas Convenience Stores

A convenience store may offer a little of everything to its customers, including hot and cold beverage stations, meals, gasoline, liquor, sundry items, groceries, and so on. Properly protecting the property can be a complex ordeal. Our team of commercial claims lawyers has managed many commercial insurance litigation claims for convenience store owners, gas stations, grocery and liquor stores.

We have the skills to assist you in taking action against a bad faith insurance company that operates in bad faith by denying, underpaying, or delaying the payment of your claim to accomplish prompt property repairs.

What are Examples of Convenient Store and Gas Station Damages?

  • Damage to the building
  • Equipment damages or breakdowns
  • Flooding
  • Damaged or spoiled inventory
  • Point of Sale systems, data systems, and electronic equipment losses
  • Signage (including internal and external signage)
  • Loss of revenues and income because of a business interruption

If you own a neighborhood convenience store or a significant chain of stores, you need a convenience store attorney to support the claims damage process from start to finish. Your convenience store damages represent a unique combination of P&C services and coverages.

Gas station property and casualty insurance coverage claims may be complex. In addition, required permits for the business’ array of environmental and operational aspects must be considered.

Hail Damage to the Convenience Store or Gas Station

Hail storms are common in Texas, and damages to your convenience store or gas station may involve a variety of losses. Even a short power outage after a hail storm can result in food spoilage, inventory loss, equipment failures, and building damages.

Your convenience store may sell breakfast, lunch, or on-the-go foods that will spoil if they aren’t kept in the refrigerator or freezer. If this equipment fails, even for a short time, these perishable items and others will be ruined. They will be unfit for consumption.

A hail storm is a significant risk to convenience stores and gas stations. These structures are often built with lighter materials. They are often more susceptible to damage and require prompt repairs to limit the owner’s losses.

Unfortunately, the owner’s losses may increase each time the commercial insurer delays a claim payment, underpays the claim, or outright denies the coverage without a reasonable explanation.

We understand the unique risks and potential financial losses you may incur when a commercial insurer acts in bad faith. Texas law says that the commercial insurance company owes you, its customer, a duty of prompt investigation and assessment of the commercial claim.

Our clients want prompt claims payment. We work to hold bad faith insurance companies accountable for their actions.

Contact an Experienced Texas Convenience Store Commercial Claims Attorney

The Mindiola Law Firm stands ready to evaluate your potential claim. Under Texas law, your attorney fees are recoverable from the commercial carrier.

If you own or operate a convenience store, gas station, or similar business, and your commercial operation has suffered damage after a hurricane, fire, hail storm, flood, or other natural disasters, you need the commercial insurance company’s immediate attention. If your insurer denied, delayed, or substantially underestimated your claim’s value, it’s time for you to take action.

Time is money. You can’t get back to business if your convenience store or gas station is significantly damaged.

We have years of experience in litigation against commercial insurance companies. We’re prepared to offer efficient, effective, and aggressive representation for your business. If you’re facing a bad faith insurer, or you’re disputing a claim with your insurance company, call the Mindiola Law Firm now at .

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