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Wind Damage Claims

A windstorm can wreak havoc on your business’ bottom line. If your business has submitted a wind claim to your commercial insurance carrier, it’s not uncommon to experience a delay, underpayment, or denial of your claim.

A strong windstorm can create structural damage to your property. Sometimes, this damage goes undiscovered for months or years. An experienced commercial wind claims attorney with a network of experts can fully evaluate and assess your claim. Doing so levels the playing field with commercial insurance carriers that act in bad faith.

Damage in the aftermath from a windstorm may be more difficult to detect than other kinds of damages. An insurer may argue that the damage results from earlier structural wear in an effort to delay, underpay, or fully deny your valid windstorm damage claim.

Windstorm Damages and Losses

A business may seek to insure itself against weather-related losses, including tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, or pelting hailstorms. Businesses frequently overlook the potential losses that may result with high winds.

If you took the steps to obtain commercial coverage that includes wind and windstorm damage because you were concerned about potential financial losses potentiated by windstorms on your commercial structure(s), vehicles, warehouses, and so on, and you kept your part of the insurance contract bargain, an experienced windstorm damage attorney can help.

If you’ve prepared and submitted a wind claim to your commercial insurance carrier, you realize that even a moderate windstorm can leave you with costly damages. It may be challenging or impossible for the business to absorb these damages without payment of the commercial insurance claim.

Windstorms Aren’t Always Catastrophic Events

Some windstorms don’t make the news. They’re not considered catastrophic events. However, even a minor windstorm can cause a serious threat to your small or large commercial operation. A minor windstorm can cause expensive or severe damages to:

  • Signage, landscaping, and trees
  • Roof or roofing material
  • Air conditioning and HVAC systems

Importantly, the cost needed to recover in the aftermath of a windstorm isn’t always related to direct damage.

Commercial Losses and Damages from Wind Accompanied by Other Damages

In addition to major direct damage, a windstorm can cause indirect damages, including:

  • Chemical or gas leaks
  • Fallen trees on structures and vehicles
  • Flying debris punctures and damage
  • Equipment or stock damages from power outages or leaks
  • Water damage (secondary to punctures or roof damage)

These potential damages are one of the major reasons your business thought ahead. You sought to protect your commercial structure and property in the event of a windstorm.

Because variance between commercial policies can be significant, it’s important to have an experienced windstorm attorney review the commercial policy language. This step can help you avoid later unhappy surprises at the insurer’s response to windstorm or other commercial claims.

Windstorm-Related Commercial Losses

After your business sustains wind-related damages and losses, it’s important to contact the insurer right away about your intention to submit a claim. Before you contact the insurer, assess the damage to the best of your ability.

If you’re informed about your business’ commercial policy, you’re likely to know if the claim to be submitted is a valid claim. As a commercial policyholder, you know it’s important to accurately submit the damages and losses to the insurer.

You might not know your rights or how to take action against a commercial carrier that delays, underpays, or denies your windstorm claim.

Whether a commercial windstorm insurance claim has been extremely undervalued or wrongfully denied, you must take action to learn why you aren’t receiving prompt payment in full from the commercial lines insurer. Ask yourself:

Is windstorm damage covered in my business’ commercial policy?

You may learn that damages or loss from winds isn’t covered in your policy. Youmay also learn that the language used in your insurance policy concerning damages from winds may be unclear or confusing at best.

Did you properly submit evidence and documentation concerning your windstorm claim to the commercial insurer?

You must appropriately, thoroughly, and accurately present loss the business sustained from a windstorm if your commercial policy covers these losses. If you haven’t done so, you shouldn’t expect the insurer to maximize the claim.

Do you have a knowledgeable policyholder attorney in your arsenal?

Of course, your commercial insurer has access to the insights of its internal legal team and external experts and counselors. You need legal muscle to level the playing field.

While the insurer may have a legitimate reason to discount or deny your windstorm claim, it’s possible that the insurer has decided to treat some commercial policyholders improperly or unfairly. If you can’t obtain the results you deserve from the commercial insurance coverage you pay for, talk with an experienced, aggressive Texas commercial windstorm damage attorney to discuss your next steps.

If you’ve submitted a commercial windstorm claim or you’re planning to do so, or if you’ve received an undervalued claim or if your windstorm claim has been denied, contact the Mindiola Law Firm at to discuss your case.

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