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Many public and private schools maintain various kinds of commercial property insurance policy coverage in the event of a natural disaster that causes serious damage to the property. The goal of maintaining school property and casualty insurance is to protect the organization’s valuable property and asset(s) and to ensure the possibility of continuing its educational mission during or after disaster strikes.

Unfortunately, some commercial insurance companies deny, delay, or significantly underpay the property damage claim of an educational institution struggling in the wake of a hurricane, tornado, flood, fire, windstorm, hail storm, or another natural disaster. Structural damage, plumbing failure, roof damage, broken windows, destroyed walls, flooding, mold damage, and much more can result after a hurricane.

When insurers fail their duty to school districts, public school systems, or private schools, colleges, and universities, this is against the law. Contact an experienced school district claims lawyer to hold the insurer responsible now.

School District Property Damage Claims

A school district with elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, junior college, college or university may have multiple property damage insurance claims to submit. Perhaps the school district loyally paid significant premiums to the insurer for years or decades without making a claim.

Administrators maintained the insurance because educational institutions aren’t typically operated at a profit. The cost of paying for repairs out of the district’s budget may exhaust its available resources.

Impact of Bad Faith Insurance Companies on School Districts

In a public school system, the district might need to lay off educators to find necessary repair funds. In a private school, college or university, classes might be delayed. Temporary shelter or mobile classrooms might be necessary to conduct the institution’s “bare bones” operations.

After the school district submits property and casualty damage claims, the dedicated insurance company’s staff may attempt to delay, underpay, or outright deny the district’s claims, costing the schools—and students who attend them—millions of dollars in lost revenues and damages.

What is Covered by School Property Insurance?

A school property and casualty insurance policy covers the school structure(s) and their contents, perhaps including both student and teacher property under the contract’s terms:

  • Many public schools choose to cover school property.
  • Most school property insurance policies don’t cover teacher, student, parent, vendor, or other motor vehicles parked on the property.

When an educational institution sustains any significant loss, it may be impossible for the school(s) to function properly. The district needs to fast financial relief. It must be treated fairly because the schools’ educational mission is at stake.

When the dedicated insurance company doesn’t respond to the school’s property damage claims in a prompt manner, the result is often a delay, underpayment, or wrongful denial of the valid claim of loss.

At that point, the district’s board of directors, legal counsel, administrators, or principals must reach out to an experienced and knowledgeable commercial insurance litigation firm. Our legal team can assist the school district in appealing the insurance claim denial—and fight for the school’s right to fair compensation it expected when selecting the insurance carrier.

Bad Faith Insurance Practices Can Interrupt the Academic Year

If disaster strikes at the start of the academic year, it may be impossible for educators to resume the important work of instructing students.

It’s shocking for administrators and staff to consider that an insurance company might not do the right thing. Unfortunately, all too many insurance carriers don’t provide the security they promised the school district when a disaster strikes.

The legal team at Mindiola Law Firm has represented many clients in an array of complex litigation matters.

You’re not alone. We know how bad faith insurance companies work. Your school district or board of directors won’t need to ask questions about why the insurer isn’t meeting its duty.

We will evaluate the school district claim and help you decide the best course of action. Because we work on a contingency basis, you won’t owe our firm a retainer to get started. We take our fees after the case is successfully resolved—and not until then.

If your school property is damaged and the insurance carrier you selected isn’t holding up its end of the bargain, call Mindiola Law Firm now at now.

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