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The Mindiola Law Firm is absolutely committed to you. We’re committed to winning your case, each and every time we work together. If this is your first party insurance claim, a complex business dispute, or a personal injury matter, we align our interests with yours.

We don’t charge clients for our time. Unlike many law firms, we don’t ask for a large retainer when you decide to entrust us with your case. Because we’re confident in our abilities and experience to win the case, we take our fee only when you, our client, achieve success.

Trae Mindiola

Attorney at Law, Founder

Trae Mindiola is the founder of the Mindiola Law Firm and a practicing bad faith/first party insurance attorney in both Colorado and Texas. He has built a career as an advocate for businesses and commercial property owners, and has devoted the Mindiola Law Firm’s practice to righting the wrongs caused by commercial insurance companies.

A commercial insurance firm will often make a decision to act in bad faith against its insured, even though the law says the insurer owes specific duties in the commercial relationship. When a commercial insurer fails to promptly pay a valid claim after its insured’s property is damaged by a hurricane, severe weather, flood, fire, earthquake, hail storms, windstorms, or other natural disasters, the business may suffer severe financial repercussions. Business losses mount and, in some cases, the business fails.

Bad faith insurance companies cause so much pain and distress. The impact of business failure can have a ripple effect in the property owner’s community, affecting customers, vendors, clients, and others who depend on its products and services.

For these reasons and others, the Mindiola Law Firm always strives to get the highest amount of compensation for each case.


Trae Mindiola earned his Bachelors of Business Administration degree with honors from the University of Houston. He continued his education at the South Texas College of Law, receiving his Doctorate of Jurisprudence (J.D.) in May 2005.


After going into private practice in 2005, Mr. Mindiola dedicated his practice to the needs of businesses and organizations injured by an insurer’s negligent or bad faith behavior. Over the past years, he has represented businesses in commercial property damage claims disputes, commercial tax disputes, and other complex litigation.


BBA | University of Houston

JD | South Texas College of Law

Bar Admissions

State Bar of Texas

U.S. District Court Southern District of Texas

State of Colorado

U.S. District Court District of Colorado

Supreme Court of Texas




Let’s face it. Many lawyers today don’t know how to win at trial.

The Mindiola Team knows how to manage your case from inception to verdict. We’re dedicated to the demands of resource-intensive cases, including first party insurance claims, commercial insurance claims disputes, bad faith insurance claims, and much more.

The founders of our firm are naturally competitive. We’ve achieved remarkable successes for our clients.

Let’s face it. Many lawyers today don’t know how to win at trial. They’ve never spent time in a court room. For all the reasons you can imagine, it’s never a good idea to be your lawyer’s first trial case.

The Mindiola Law Firm knows how to manage your case from inception to verdict. We’re dedicated to the demands of resource-intensive cases, including first party insurance claims, commercial insurance claims disputes, bad faith insurance claims, and much more.

Jessetta Collins

Business Development Executive


Jess Collins is a talented Marketing executive, and a mediocre Excel user. However, she does excel (get it) in client relationships and case document organization.


She prides herself in her “how can we best help you succeed” approach to marketing for the law firm. She feels the most successful when clients don’t hesitate to turn to her when they have questions regarding a claim.


Jess attended Cedarville University, has two small humans, and when you can convince her to stop answering her phone you can find her on a snowboard.

Jayson Mullin

Marketing Director


Jayson Mullin is a public insurance adjuster who has served commercial property owners in Colorado and Texas since 2014. Having personally aided hundreds of commercial property owners through countless hail storms, fires, and hurricanes, Jayson Mullin has handled every aspect of insurance claims.


Jayson specializes in commercial damage analysis, insurance policy interpretation, and has been a commercial property expert for over a decade. With his experience and expertise in insurance policies and in claim processes and procedures, he has joined the Mindiola Law Firm to aid the insured.

Why Should I Hire the Mindiola Law Firm?

The knowledgeable legal team at Mindiola Law Firm has an extraordinary track record of strong results for our clients in complex insurance litigation. We’re based in Texas, and we’re accustomed to the needs of fast-growing clients in multiple industry groups throughout the United States.

We believe in our clients. It is our honor to work with you. Our extensive track record of demonstrated successes is reflected by our contingency fee model:

  1. There’s no upfront cost to you.
  2. We get paid when you, our client, is successful.

We put our skills and resources on the line to achieve these results. If we’re not successful, you owe us nothing.

Mindiola Law Firm has the financial resources, intellectual energy, and experience needed to manage and prevail in property dispute claims. We know how to fight the commercial insurance industry and win. We’ve brought our clients’ property insurance disputes to almost every major domestic and international insurance group.

If you’re looking for a law firm with an extensive track record of success in commercial property claims disputes, you’re in the right place.

We have distinguished ourselves from other law firms. In order to offer our clients with the most effective representation, our practice is limited to commercial properties such as churches, schools, office buildings, grocery stores, car and truck dealerships, and other high-value buildings. We don’t represent owners of single-family residential properties.


Whether your insurance claim was denied, delayed, or underpaid, we’ll get you the settlement you deserve.