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Churches face many of the same discouraging issues that commercial or non-religious organizations face. In comparison, a church or religious organization may face several specific challenges when it comes to resolving legal matters, including insurance claims.

Our commercial insurance claims legal team has deep experience in church, synagogue, mosque, and other religious institutions’ insurance disputes. We have assisted numerous religious institutions to reach positive resolutions of their commercial insurance property damage disputes.

What is the Legal Context for Church and Religious Institution-Related Matters?

A church or religious institution commercial insurance claim dispute may involve 1) property laws when ownership or interests are disputed, 2) building codes and regulations relating to the property, such as when it’s declared to have cultural or historic value or it’s a landmark, 3) contract laws if the terms of agreement with the insurer affect the dispute, 4) authority of the religious institution engaged in dispute, 5) other laws relating to the incident at issue, and 6) jurisdictional civil procedures.

Resolving Church Insurance Disputes

A church of other house of worship is a special place of fellowship and community. It is a sacred place where communities and families gather to experience a relaxing environment in which to worship, recharge after the work week, and enjoy communion with friends and family.

We frequently gather at a place to worship to convene in great joy or sorrow. The physical structure and environment in which parishioners gather are important to the act of worship with the community. Both environmental and physical surroundings must be safe in order for all to relax in the house of worship.

If a church, temple, mosque, or other house of worship has a leaking roof, wet floors, carpets or ceilings, stained walls, or broken doors and windows, it may be difficult to fully relax and appreciate the experience.

When religious institutions and churches are associated with schools

Some churches and other religious institutions are associated with schools. Children attending school in the church deserve a physically sound facility in which to learn and grow. A damaged church harms both parents and children who deserve a safe, structured educational environment.

When the church’s physical property damage claim is denied by its insurance company, this action makes matters all the more difficult for everyone in the community.

Experienced Church and House of Worship Property Damage Claims Attorneys

Our experienced property damage claims lawyers manage a variety of commercial property claims for our church and house of worship clients, including:

  • Church interior and exterior damages
  • Church facilities and school buildings
  • Stained glass windows or systems
  • Church roof systems
  • Fellowship halls and sanctuaries
  • Church school or religious school facilities
  • Administrative offices
  • Pastoral home
  • Air conditioning, heaters, HVACs, or boiler equipment
  • Steeples

Our experienced Texas property insurance team has handled many complex claims disputes involving insurance matters for churches and other houses of worship.

Experienced Commercial Property Insurance Dispute Lawyers Protect Houses of Worship

Our team of property dispute lawyers recognizes the range of financial issues that involve repairing and maintaining the religious institutional structure.

Churches and other houses of worship receive support from capital campaigns, weekly collections, tithes, and other financing sources. If the religious institution’s insurer doesn’t honor its obligations, the community may be burdened with the need to pay for expensive repairs.

Building maintenance costs are frequently the biggest portion of the house of worship’s budget in the best of times. When the religious institution’s dedicated commercial insurer doesn’t meet its responsibilities, the religious community suffers both financially and spiritually.

Church and religious institution communities are often comprised of diverse members, including volunteers and professional directors and board members. The Mindiola Law Firm has worked closely with multiple-member boards and diverse communities. We always strive for the more efficient and effective results for your house of worship. Call the Mindiola Law Firm at to discuss how we can help with your church’s commercial insurance claims case.

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