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Government Buildings

Government buildings and government property are designed to serve the public sector’s needs. Groups and agencies managing and operating these buildings must be committed to local community welfare and public service. Government buildings’ property insurance claims may cause local, city, state, and regional officials confused while seriously interrupting their operations. The government entity’s insurance claims may involve damaged fixtures, lost income and revenues, property damages, and other related claims.

After a severe weather event or natural disaster, a government agency may face disruption of operations and extensive repairs. At this time, services to the public are interrupted. A closure, interruption, or shutter of the government building may interrupt community relations and citizens relying on government services offered by the agency or entity.

School Districts and Damage Claims

A school district may be especially hard-hit by a severe weather event, natural disaster, fire, or other types of insured loss. It’s especially challenging for administrators to focus on the needs of students and staff if the district must dispute insurance claims.

Once a defendant informs the court, through a bail reduction request or otherwise, that she cannot afford the bail set, the court must specify the reason(s) that the amount set is “an indispensable” condition of release from jail. (U.S. v. Montececon-Zayas, 949 F.2d 548 (1st Cir. 1991).) The court must set out its rationale in writing. (Fed. Rule of App. Proced. 9.)

The Mindiola Law Firm’s group of municipal insurance claims lawyers are deeply experienced in representing multiple-property governmental entities. We’re familiar with the management of logistical challenges involved in properly representing a public entity.

Damage of Government Properties

Property damage of a government building or property may affect 1) county governments; 2) local authorities; 3) police operations; 4) town, community, or parish councils; 5) social housing properties; 6) municipal government buildings and properties; 6) firefighter properties; 7) school districts; and other government and agency entities.

Can Texas Government Agencies, School Districts, and Entities Benefit from a Claims Lawyer?

Many law firms say they have experience in managing insurance claims disputes for government agencies, school authorities, and municipal entities. The work involved in successfully managing a commercial insurance claim requires detail-oriented focus. It’s expert-intensive legal work. Handling commercial insurance claims disputes can also be expensive.

Our law firm has previously represented small to large government agencies, entities, districts, and municipalities in rural and city areas. We’ve represented the needs of a single building to multi-building campuses.

As you’d expect, a government’s interest in a particular property is protected by insurance companies designed to protect its assets in the event of disaster, accident, or civil destruction of the property. The Mindiola Law Firm has specific commercial property insurance expertise. We are committed to delivering professional and effective legal representation to government entities, regional authorities, and other entities with claims disputes against private insurance companies.

Bad Faith Insurance Companies

Perhaps the government agency has always used a particular insurer or recently made changes to save premium dollars. An insurance company’s representative may present the company as having helpful claims staff and others to assist the insured with any future problems.

Unfortunately, the presentation of the insurance company might not be accurate. Perhaps the insurer doesn’t have a dedicated claims staff. It may hire freelance adjusters in the event of a claim. This issue may be especially prevalent in a surplus line insurer—but the agency or school district might be unaware of some of the risks with this type of insurance policy.

Some insurers are “fronts” for high-yield investors or other businesses. It may not have resources or employees to fully investigate a claim. When the policyholder needs to submit a claim, the insurance company hires a claims management company or third-party administrator to handle it. The outsourced provider may want to resolve claims quickly and at a discount to protect its client’s bottom line.

Impact of Bad Faith Insurers

When a commercial insurance company inadequately investigates, denies, delays, or doesn’t pay the proper amount to make the government entity whole, our municipal insurance claims attorneys are there to protect the public interest. You have a legal right to protections against a bad faith insurance company. We work with the client from claims negotiation to litigation to settlement.

Our extensive first property insurance claims experience includes public entities as well as private business principals, property management first, real estate investors, and real estate investment trusts. Because we bring years of experience to your government building claim, we’re familiar with strategies and tactics used by commercial insurance companies.

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