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Businesses in Rockport, Texas suffered in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Although Rockport residents are familiar with extreme weather over the years, the self-sufficient residents typically choose to rebuild and get back to work.

Approximately half of the town’s full-time resident population of about 8,000 people experienced the hurricane. In its aftermath, several area businesses reported damaged walls, roofs, windows and doors on their properties.

The full extent of the damage in Rockport isn’t yet known. It will take time for local businesses and residents to evaluate the damage and get back to work. If a business’ property damage is extensive, getting back to work may take days, weeks, or even months in Rockport.

Economy of Rockport, TX

According to the Rockport-Fulton Chamber of Commerce, more than 25 percent of Fulton’s economy is based on small family-owned businesses. About 17 percent of Rockport occupations are in management of a small business; 4 percent are engineering or computer-science consultants; less than one percent work in the legal profession; 4 percent are healthcare practitioners or technologists; 6.5 percent are educators, administrators, or library workers; about two percent have community-facing or social services jobs; about 2 percent are employed in the arts, media, entertainment, sports, or design fields; about 2 percent work in healthcare support; about 6.25 percent own or work in local restaurants; about 4 percent have building maintenance jobs; about 15 percent are construction contractors, extractors, maintenance, or repair workers; about 28 percent work in sales roles for privately owned businesses; about 4 percent work in personal care roles; and about three percent work in material moving, production, or transportation jobs.

Rockport is known as a popular vacation destination for residents of the Gulf Coast and throughout the U.S. Businesses often have a tie-in to recreation, including boating, RVs, waterskiing, water sports, swimming, hunting, fishing, and so on. Rockport’s annual art festival is a popular place for local artists, vendors, and auctioneers to present their goods for sale to buyers.

Rockport Commercial Claims after Hurricane Harvey

Businesses throughout Rockport suffered extensive damage, including boat and RV storage businesses, retail stores (e.g. Dollar General), bed and breakfasts, hotels, car and truck dealers, restaurants, antique stores, grocery stores, and others. According to reports, the Fulton Mansion in Rockport’s heritage district didn’t sustain extensive damage.

Rockport’s beloved big trees did suffer from extensive winds and pelting rain during the storm. Texas’s oldest living oak tree, affectionally known as the Big Treelost branches but survived. Rockport residents believe that Big Tree symbolizes their spirit: they bend but don’t break.

How do Rockport businesses get back to their daily routines after a natural disaster? Many businesses will submit commercial claims to their insurers. If extensive damage has caused a business interruption, those with the option to submit a business interruption claim to their commercial insurance company will do so. Businesses with flood damage will also submit flood damage claims.

What happens if a commercial insurance company delays or declines a Rockport business’s valid insurance claim?

Since many of Rockport’s year-round population works for themselves, a delay in receiving critical payments from an insurer can have a significant negative financial impact. The stress and worry of the delay in receiving expected compensation can add to the business owner’s heavy load.

After a Rockport business advises its commercial insurance carrier of a claim, it’s essentially up to the insured to stay in touch with the insurer. However, if the business doesn’t receive written correspondence from the insurer that the claim has been received within a reasonable period, the business owner may be well advised to contact a first party insurance claims lawyer.

If a commercial insurer denies the Rockport insured’s commercial insurance claim without a reasonable explanation, it’s definitely time to reach out to an experienced, aggressive commercial claims attorney for help.

In either scenario, the commercial insurer may be acting in bad faith. In Texas, the commercial insurer owes the insured a duty to promptly process a commercial claim. It mustn’t deny the insured’s valid claim, invent reasons about why the insured’s commercial claim was denied, or drag out the time necessary to settle the claim. It’s also against the law to offer the business a low-ball figure in a settlement.

Bad Faith Insurance Claims Lawyer in Houston TX

We have years of experience in managing commercial insurance companies acting in bad faith. We know the games these insurers play—there’s no need for you to try to figure out what steps to take next when the insurer offers a low-ball claim settlement, delays payment of the claim, or outright denies the valid claim.

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